I LOVE Australia :)

new teapot 2013

Amazing day here in Australia… the rain here is completely epic. When I was walking down to class today, all of the sidewalks looked like streams and I had to wear tennis shoes with socks for the studio. I didn’t dare brave going outside until the downpour stopped for a few minutes. It just comes down in roaring sheets,

Whoever told me that Australia doesn’t have a music scene was obviously mistaken. I was told that quite a few good bands I’ve listened to in the past are actually Australian, and the music program here in Lismore is pretty serious, to say the least. Back home, I was told that I could compete with the best, but here I would definitely have my doubts about that.

The art department is pretty tough all around. My classes are no cakewalk. I’ve got one class that lasts all day tomorrow (Tuesday), and another that lasts all day Wednesday and part of Thursday, and I have class for 3 hours on Monday and Friday as well. They take art seriously here, even if the tech stuff isn’t quite as advanced. I’m being challenged for 3D here… I hope I can keep up. The photo is of a teapot that I finished last Friday. I just made parts for another one because I decided to make more teapots. I needed to come up with a new teapot form, so I based it off of my mugs.


About clayhead33

I am a potter-- I love to draw, play guitar, cook yummy food... and just have fun in general. I love to make a difference with my work, even something as small as inspiring a fellow artist :)
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